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What type of garden art or sculpture should I use in my garden? How can I find some alfresco inspiration for my garden outdoor living space?  Garden Art is all about complimenting the natural space – adding to the beauty of the environment without overwhelming or dominating it. When you are choosing artwork homeware, be especially mindful of this.

Australian design inspiration can come from virtually any theme or trend – from Santa Fe to Rustic to Boho. When looking for cool gift ideas it really makes sense to consider your overall theme and aim to maintain some type of consistency. Exclusive offers are also a good way to find garden art.

There are a plethora of country style items available for your design space. When choosing designer garden products, be sure to seek to re-use first and recycle second. Many authentic garden art pieces are sourced in this way. Also, when shopping online make sure you can find fast delivery to Sydney.

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Garden Art - Dancing FairiesGarden Art BuddhaGarden ornaments add a uniqueness of personality, sparkle and interest to the landscape. It’s the same when you are seeking furniture homewares online. The range of possibilites are limitless, from garden outdoor to everyday beautiful rooms. Everything you need – from

what may be gift ideas for the interior of the home plays well in the backyard. Tucked away in a colorful perennial garden, surprises small and large can delight visitors, especially children.


When art’s intended as a garden focal point, here are some considerations:

1. Site:: Pick an area of the yard which lacks other distraction. Imagine that the piece is the first thing visitors would see, then place the object in an area which will draw immediate attention, then compel the eye to sweep along the rest of the garden, to the next focal point.

2. Size: Place the item, then step back to the point where you’ll first spot the piece. Does it look proportionate to the home styling and surroundings? Plants change in size, trees lose leaves, bulbs and bloom and go throughout the year so how will it compare two months to the giant Jacaranda in November? Think ahead. Try Gifts Australia as a way to get inspired. Ask a spouse or other willing volunteer to stand in the homelife spot for visualization.

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3. Color/texture: What is compatible with the surrounding environment? A white statue against a pale colored home won’t pop. Choose from independent brands so you get a less Bunnings style look. What other items are in the yard? Search outdoor decor online and keep your outdoor furniture congruent. Mossy verde pieces clash with stark white if in the same frame, remember that with outdoor room design. Try to keep it compatible, so your outdoor wall art syncs.

4. Simplicity: Don’t compete with Mother Nature when choosing personalised gifts. Chose a piece that is simple and elegant. It’s about simplicity for the person who has everything. Statuary, sculpture, stonework, structure – all for poolside artwork ideas. A stack of flat stones in diminishing size or a soft piece of driftwood are natural alternatives to style your home.

5. Seasonal: Change pieces with the season. Snowmen, Santas, metal birds, are fun to see off season, but only occasionally unless the handle “eccentric” doesn’t bother you. Remember that when you are seeking unique gifts.

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Garden Art FurnitureGarden Art - Sculptural 6. Location, location, location: A dramatic piece can be artfully perched at the end of a pathway or in clear view of the dining table. Create a vision with unique homewares. A favorite urn in view of the kitchen window aligns the eye and adds interest to outdoor furniture.


The lovely part of garden ornaments is they lack permanence. They can be moved if the landscape changes or the piece simply becomes not a part of your home styling. Today’s urethane replicates yesterday’s limestone, but is far easier on the lower back.


For those who like to avoid the landfill, one of my favorite pieces was found at the curb – even though it might not be your interior style.  A broken fountain now operates as a bird bath and drinking fountain for itinerant wildlife. Still, be careful not to overdo…

Remember, the idea is to enhance, not eclipse the real stars of the show.